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Hoison Automatic Feeder Review: Intelligent Nutrition for Cats and Dogs

Hoison Automatic Pet Feeder

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Hoison's incredible design really catches your attention, and thankfully, the performance of this automatic pet feeder matches. This app controlled auto dog and cat feeder worked impressively in our review, and made our list of top automatic pet feeders.

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Hoison Automatic Feeder Review

Hoison automatic feeder for cats and dogs allows you to intelligently monitor and control your pet’s feeding schedule. The automatic feeder can connect to Wi-Fi and be controlled via an app available on iOS and Android devices. The app allows your feeder to be controlled from anywhere in the world, giving you complete control over the schedule, meal time, and portion. The feeder also displays information and statistics related to your pet’s diet.

One of the most unique features on the Hoison automatic feeder is the built-in HD camera which is easily accessible remotely via the app, allowing you to ensure that your pet has properly taken their meal. The feeder also features a built-in speaker which can be used to talk to your pet or interact with them, giving them the feeling that you are around, very similar to that of a pet camera. The app is simple to set up with the auto feeder; once you have downloaded the app on your phone it will present instructions which allow your feeder to connect to your Wi-Fi network in order to access the Internet. Then you can set the number of meals and the time of each meal, as well as the portion to serve your pet.

The feeder is powered by using an AC adapter which is protected against being chewed by pets and, in case of power outages, it has a battery capable of powering the feeder for 24 hours.

Weekly statistics and nutritional suggestions for your pet

The Hoison App records your pet’s food habits, their timing, and consumption over a week and presents them to you in an easy to read and interactive manner. Based on this data, the app offers valuable suggestions to optimize your pet’s diet and nutrition.

Hoison Smart Feeder App
Hoison Smart Feeder app provides useful statistics regarding your pet’s eating habits.

Real-time interaction with your pet

The built-in HD camera, speaker, and microphone allow you to observe and interact with your pet from anywhere in the world. The camera offers good video quality, and the speakers are loud and clear enabling the pet to easily identify and understand you. “Wechat feeding” allows you to feed your pet while interacting with them and taking their pictures, as well as easily sharing those pictures to various social media websites.

Hoison Camera
Hoison Automatic Feeder has an HD camera and speaker/microphone so you can interact with your pet from anywhere.

Accessible, maintainable, and protected

Hoison smart feeder comes with a “Smart Light” which can be remotely turned on and off, making it useful for feeding at night. It has a modest dimensions of 9.4” x 6.3” x 19.7” which would allow it to be carried and placed almost anywhere in the house. It can store about 4.4lbs (70oz) of food, enough for 8-12 days of feeding.

Hoison’s automatic feeder also features an anti-jamming mechanism which ensures that the food is served without problems. The feeder is made from a single piece of plastic, with the hopper as the only removable part. The hopper is protected under latches to prevent your pet from eating their food when you don’t want them to.

Hoison Tray
The Hoison Automatic Pet Feeder tray pops out and holds quite a bit of food.


  • Can be remotely managed via app over Internet.
  • App stores weekly history of your pet and intelligently provides suggestions.
  • The feeder has built-in camera, microphone and speaker which allows the owner to interact with their pets remotely.
  • Anti-jamming food dispenser and protected hopper ensures smooth operation.
  • Accurate sensor can allow you to monitor how much food is left.
  • The feeder can be made to feed your pet as many times as you want daily.
  • Feeder can automatically reconnect in case it loses connection, and has a battery backup for power outages.


  • The app does not notify when the feeder’s battery is low.
  • Manual feedings and photos require registering a Wechat account.
  • Tray may not be big enough for large dogs, so multiple feedings per day may be necessary.

Final Thoughts

The Hoison pet feeder is an excellent and reliable automatic pet feeder which has a number of smart features giving you the ability to easily monitor and control your pet’s diet. The camera, microphone, and speaker add an extra dimension of interactivity between you and your pet even when you are far away. The feeder is resilient to issues and has a battery backup providing 24 hours of power in case power runs out. It can also reconnect automatically whenever the Wi-Fi network comes back online. The auto feeder is well built and protects against being opened by the pet.

Even though the feeder is limited to being controlled via a smartphone app, the app itself offers a large variety of controls as well as your pet’s weekly feeding history and suggestions for your pet based on that history. It can also take pictures and share them immediately with social media. Hoison is an excellent pet feeder if you would like to monitor and maintain your pet’s diet, as well as interact with your pet from anywhere in the world.

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