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12 Days of Furbo: The Ultimate Pet Camera Giveaway!

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12 Days of Furbo

All I Want for Christmas is You

This Christmas, pet parents all over the world are giving their fur-babies the best gift ever: by being together even when they are apart. The Furbo Dog Camera let’s you see, speak, and interact with your pets including amazing features such as HD video, treat dispensers, and bark alerts, all of which are controlled via your smartphone. Even better, we’re on a mission to help cover the bill for you this year!

We’re excited to announce that we will be giving away 12, yes twelve, Furbo Dog Cameras! Simply enter below – if selected as a winner, we will reach out via email to verify shipping addresses.

32 thoughts on “12 Days of Furbo: The Ultimate Pet Camera Giveaway!

  1. I’m dealing with a puppy that has severe separation anxiety, maybe this system will help him learn we will always come home!

  2. I love that it gives the treats to him! This is an awesome prize, so awesome that if I don’t win one I will purchase one. Love it

  3. This would be great to puppysit when I have to go on doctor appts, I always wonder how my two get along, how much they sleep or bark.

  4. my 120 lbs rottweiler has anxiety issues and she doesn’t like to be alone, I think this camera would be awesome to have thanks for the giveaway

  5. One feature that is important to me is to have night vision on the camera. I work at night and I do leave a light and the tv on but there are still dark parts of my house.

  6. If I win I will have to teach my dog to say “CHEEEEEESE!” Our dog does not like cameras. I’ll tell him it’s a blender. We had pizza for supper. Before I hit that POST COMMENT button, let us pause and take time to remember those famous words by the late and great Venus D’Milo, who once said, “Nothing up my sleeve!” Good luck everyone!!!!!!!!

  7. I would love to have one. My little Chi is pregnant and it would help me to monitor her while I’m at work. Also in case of any emeregency I can just hop into car and drive quickly home I’m 30 min away from home.

  8. Toby was a rescue and suffers from separation anxiety. I think if I could talk to Him throughout the day it would put him more at ease

  9. I have a Yorkie that gets so upset when we are not home. This will be a perfect resolution to help him relax (and to help us from feeling so guilty for leaving him home.)

  10. My husband is headed to Cleveland Clinic this December for his 5th operation this year, a 14 hour round trip. Gracie our Russian Blue who adopted us 10 years ago is heart sick with out us and we her. Thank you for this opportunity.

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