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Petnet SmartFeeder Review: Pet Nutrition Meets Technology

Petnet's iPhone app

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Petnet really revolutionized the automatic pet feeder market with the SmartFeeder. An elegant and modern design meets impressive functionality, including battery powered backups and a large database of nutrition information. The Petnet SmartFeeder ranks among our best.

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Petnet SmartFeeder Review

Petnet SmartFeeder is an intelligent feeder which can be remotely programmed, controlled, and monitored via smartphone app. The automatic feeder is incredibly easy to integrate with the app allowing you to program a feeding schedule which then dispenses food automatically on a defined interval, having a defined quantity. The feeder comes with a number of intelligent features, taking away the need for you to determine the best portion size or what is the best food for your pet. Petnet’s SmartFeeder uses the database accessible from the app to fetch data based on your pet’s breed, age, weight, and level of activity to help ensure optimal and specific nutrition levels. The feeder can also automatically notify you on your phone if the food is running low inside it, in addition to a few more powerful features which we’ll dive into during this Petnet SmartFeeder review.

The Basics

To program a schedule, you need to enter the number of times to feed in a day as well as the timings for each meal. The feeder can customize each portion of a meal, containing a minimum of 1/16th of a cup (0.5oz) to 1½ cups (12oz). The feeder also allows you to choose the dispensing speed, which can be useful if your pet has a tendency to eat very fast and inhale their food.

The feeder has an AC adapter and a Li-Ion battery for backup. The battery backup can last for up to 8 hours which is a must have in case your power goes out. The feeder will also automatically alert you in case the battery is running low on charge.

Monitor your pet’s activity from anywhere

The smart features of Petnet SmartFeeder allows you to manage your pet’s schedule, diet, and feeding activity from anywhere using the convenient app which is available for iOS. The app has a number of options for managing the feeder. The app will give you notifications when your pet has had a meal and how much your pet has eaten. It will also notify if the food within the feeder is running low, or if the batteries are running low.

Petnet iPhone app
Controlling your pet’s feeding schedule is unbelievably easy within Petnet’s iPhone app.

Powerful insights into your pet’s feeding activity

An advantage of having a smart solution for your pet’s feeder is the ability to see your pet’s history of eating. The app can record your pet’s feeding time and quantity of the food they had, and present it to you in an intuitive manner for you to analyze whether the amount of food is low, high, or just right. The accompanied database uses four attributes for your pet (age, weight, level of activity, and breed) to present an optimal nutrition plan which you can use as a baseline for your pet.

Dog eating from SmartFeeder
The AutoFeeder is great for making sure your dog does not overeat or eat too fast

Good build and maintainability

The SmartFeeder hopper can hold 5 to 7lbs of dry food, which can last 12 to 16 days depending upon your pet’s size and diet. The bowl can be easily removed and cleaned, and comes with a strong protective lock with two latches to prevent your pet from eating when they should not.

Refilling the SmartFeeder
Refilling your Petnet SmartFeeder is easy. Your app will notify when it’s low, and a lock prevents your cat or dog from accessing all of the food.


  • The smart features provide great utility and control
  • The feeder can be easily managed from anywhere and the app is well made
  • The feeder will continue to work normally even if it can’t access Wi-Fi or if the power goes out
  • The app lets you monitor your pet’s feeding activity, timings, and quantity
  • The app will notify you when your pet eats, when the food is low, etc.
  • The feeder is very well built and protected


  • The app only supports one pet at a time, making it unsuitable if you need to feed multiple pets
  • The feeder can only follow one schedule at a time, however the schedule can be altered quickly
  • The app is only available for iOS


Final Thoughts

The Petnet SmartFeeder is one of our top three choices for pet feeders. The ability to remotely monitor and control the feeder is very useful, since you do not need to be present to alter your pet’s diet. The app has access to a large database giving suggestions for optimal nutrition for your pet, and Petnet can even deliver food to your doorstep when you are running low.

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