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Feed and Go Smart Feeder Review: Best Feeder on the Market

Feed & Go Automatic Pet Feeder

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Our first and only 5-star review for an automatic pet feeder... and for good reason, too. Feed and Go can do it all, and do it best. 6 servings of wet or dry dog food, controllable from anywhere in the world, and an innovative built-in pet camera make this the best feeder on the market.

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Feed and Go Automatic Pet Feeder Review

Marissa McDaniel, CEO of Feed and Go, developed the most innovative automatic pet feeder on the market. Feed and Go can handle dry or wet food, and even medications, a trait which is fairly rare in automatic pet feeders. Even better, Feed and Go connects to your Wi-Fi so you can easily control all of the features from anywhere in the world using the intuitive web interface. We’re still not done! Feed and Go even features a unique pet camera which gives you an added bonus of being able to observe your pet to ensure that they have eaten their meal. You can even record a message which is played back via the feeder’s speaker, allowing you to call your pet via a voice familiar to the pet instead of a generic beep or note.

Feed and Go Design

Feed and Go has an incredibly unique design compared to other automatic pet feeders on the market, with a triangular bowl and a food storage tray having 6 compartments of 1 full cup (8oz) each. This gives
Feed and Go the capability of storing six meals which can be served at a predetermined time set via the web interface. The camera sits just above the food bowl, allowing you to see both your dog (or cat) and the food.

Feed & Go Design
The Feed and Go Pet Feeder rocks an incredibly modern and practical design.

Sturdy build and connectivity

The feeder features an Ethernet port for wired internet connections as well as 802.11 b/g/n support for wireless connectivity. It has limited amount of controls on the body itself. The back features a couple of LED indicators for Cloud and Network connectivity, a reset and a Wireless Protected Setup (WPS) button for wireless setup, and the front has controls for the lid and recording messages. The feeder has a well-built locking mechanism which makes it virtually impossible for your pet to open the lid and take an unscheduled meal. Each of the six compartments are airtight, ensuring that the food is not spoiled.

The feeder’s camera is of a modest 320×240 resolution, which can be considered fairly low but it is enough to observe your pet and ensure that it has eaten its meal properly.

Feed and Go food dispenser
Food in the Feed and Go will remain fresh thanks to the air-tight design, and cleaning is a breeze.

Setting up the Feed and Go automatic feeder

Initial setup of the feeder is simple and fast. It supports both wired and wireless connections for getting online – once connected to Internet, the feeder can be managed via the web application which requires registering an account on Feed and Go’s website, entering your device’s serial number, and your personal details to register the device before you can start using it to its full potential.

The feeder comes with a fairly long cord for being plugged into an AC outlet, however it does lack a battery backup in case the power goes out.

Accessible and well-designed web interface

Unlike a lot of other smart feeders currently present in the market, Feed and Go doesn’t have a companion app for smartphones. Instead, it relies on a web interface which can be accessed virtually from any platform. The interface works well with phones as well as laptops and tablets, making this feeder one of the most accessible feeders out there.

Through the web interface you can schedule your pet’s feeding times, as well as observe your pet via the built-in webcam. In those instances, when you would like to feed your pet at an unscheduled time, the Feed Now option present in the interface can be used. The feeder sends you a notification via email or text (depending on your preference) before and after your pet is scheduled to be fed.

Feed and Go webcam
Feed and Go’s webcam can be accessed from anywhere in the world through their website.


  • Well-built and intuitive web interface which can be accessed anywhere from any platform
  • Supports 6 servings of dry/wet food, medication, or treats
  • Flat design protects against being knocked over by pets, well protected cover protects pets from getting into the lid
  • Complete control over feeding schedule
  • Built-in pet camera allows observing your pet while feeding
  • Supports custom recording for calling your pet to feed


  • Does not have a battery backup
  • The camera has a limited resolution of 320×240
  • No mobile apps yet

Final Thoughts

The Feed and Go Automatic Pet Feeder is the single best automatic pet feeder, with its extensive number of features and easy accessibility. It is easily our favorite automatic pet feeder. The web interface is easily accessible from almost any internet connected computer or phone and provides a large number of functions. Ability to record message for calling your pet to feed gives a nice personal touch which can help your pet get used to the automatic pet feeder more easily.

The Feed and Go automatic pet feeder is ideal for pet parents who have to leave their cats or dogs home during the day since it can easily store 6 meals and keep your pet on a schedule while giving you the ability to remotely monitor and control your pet’s diet. The auto feeder can pose a problem if your area is prone to power losses, since the feeder does not have any form of power backup. Otherwise, this is one of the best pet feeders on the market and is easily recommended for small to medium sized pets.
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