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Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera Review: Innovative Accessories Bring this Pet Camera to Life

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Pawbo's second generation flagship camera includes amazing accessories, innovative toys, and multi-user compatibility; however, video quality remains 720p.

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Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera Review

Pawbo has been a best-selling pet camera on Amazon for quite some time now and our original Pawbo review backs up the claim. Pawbo was one of the first pet cameras to introduce both a treat dispenser and an interactive laser game in one. The new and improved Pawbo Life expands on these features while also introducing completely new and innovative add-on accessories. Let’s dive right into the full Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera review.


Pawbo improved on their packaging design since the original, and we’re suckers for great packaging. Once you lift the main box lid, the Pawbo Life sits perfectly in its nice little seat. Underneath you will find the power supply and user manual. But wait – is that it? If you recall from our original Pawbo review, simplicity and ease-of-use was one of our favorite things about that pet camera. The company maintained that simplicity with the new Pawbo Life as well, which we are thrilled about.


The design of Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera is nearly exact to the previous model. The only real noticeable change is the logo which is now grey instead of orange. Does this count as a change? I suppose. Other than that, the Pawbo Life looks exactly the same. But why make changes to the aesthetics of a product when it doesn’t need to be improved? Overall, the Pawbo Life stands just under 8” tall and weighs 1lb. The back of the device contains the power supply jack, speakers, WPS button, reset button, and wall mounts.


Video and Sound Quality

The Pawbo Life video quality is still 720p; this is our only negative about the product. However, the 720p camera still works remarkably well and even seems to compare to some of the 1080p cameras out there. Take a look below at the screenshot using Pawbo’s 720p camera. Pawbo did improve on the camera lens though, which now has a 130 degree wide-angle lens instead of 110 degrees, allowing you to see much more of your room. Sound quality also matches other pet cameras, although lag is expected since this communicates via your WiFi connection.

The image above shows the user interface while using the camera. The image below is a shot of the iPhone app.

Treat Dispenser

Pawbo Life has an amazing treat dispenser. In fact, it’s one of the only treat dispensers our dog will use since she tends to be a little nervous around weird objects that make noise. Pawbo Life is definitely more quiet than some others, such as Petzi. The divided treat container can hold small kibble or treats, whichever you prefer.

Interactive Laser Pointer

The laser game is incredible fun and a really cool feature especially if you have cats. Cats in particular love playing with laser pointers; dogs on the other hand, are not usually recommended to play with lasers too long as it can increase their anxiety to unhealthy levels. You may also notice a sticker on the front of the camera which tells you to avoid exposure as it can emit radiation. We mentioned this in our Petcube Play review, but we’ll say it again: don’t stare into the laser and you will be fine!

Multi-User Compatibility

An amazing feature of the Pawbo Life is that you can actually have up to 8 concurrent people using the camera at the same time. This is especially helpful for families as they can all check in on their pets without worrying about the camera being in use by someone else.

Add-On Accessories

Without a doubt, the most innovative improvement to the Pawbo Life is the add on accessories. Pawbo announced a lineup of app-controlled toys to go along with the Pawbo Pet Camera, all of which can be controlled via the same app. The first one that will be released will be the fuzzy cat toy shown in the title picture which will allow playing with your cat from afar.  Once these are fully released we will be sure to update our review and highlight the main features of each.

Final Thoughts

Pawbo made major improvements with the new Pawbo Life pet camera; while hardware changes were non existent, the innovative app improvements and accessories lineup are unlike any pet cameras on the market. We personally cannot wait for the full lineup to be released.

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Pawbo Life Pet Camera

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