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Petcube Review: A New Take on Pet Cameras

Full Petcube review

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  • Ease of Use
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Petcube impressed us with a truly innovative pet camera that both looks and performs great. The small box design doesn't take up much space on the shelf, and the camera and microphone quality are solid. While Petcube does not have a treat dispenser like most others on our list of top pet cams, it does have an interactive laser pointer game.

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Full Petcube Review

We finally got our hands on the interactive Petcube Wi-Fi pet camera and put it to the test. Take a look at our full Petcube review below to see where Petcube lands on our list of top pet cams.


This is where Petcube really excels. The creative camera cube with red lasers really catches your attention without scaring off your dogs or cats. First impression is that the pet camera itself is much smaller than I imagined when looking at the product online, which is always a huge plus. Petcube’s dimensions are 4 x 4 x 4. Yes, that small!

Unboxing the Petcube
Petcube packaging box. Inside the box you’ll find the Petcube Camera, a power adapter, power cord, and quick start guide

The front-facing black screen has three functioning pieces. The top most area has the 138 degree wide angle camera lens, the interactive laser pointer game is in the middle, and the LED status indicator illuminates on the bottom.

Moving to the back of the pet cam, you’ll see a start button in the top right, a microphone speaker in the bottom left, and a micro USB port for power in the bottom right.

Installation and Setup

Setting up your Petcube isn’t quite like a Rubik’s cube. Installation was a breeze; plug the camera in, download the iPhone or Android app, and follow the on-screen instructions (pair phone to camera and connect to your Wi-Fi). That’s about it. Check out this video to see the Petcube unboxed and setup:


The Petcube has quite a few features, some of which are unique to their competition (Petzi, PetChatz, and Pawbo). Let’s take a look at the main features of the Petcube pet camera.

Video Quality

Petcube sports a 138° degree wide angle camera which streams 720p HD video. The picture quality is impressive when viewing from our Android phone. Unfortunately there is no night vision on this camera, however most pet cameras do not have this functionality yet.

Petcube app being used
Petcube app being used

Sound Quality

Sound quality is on par with other cameras. The great feature that sets Petcube apart however is the two-way microphone and speaker. not only can your pets hear you speak to them, but you can hear them as well! This is an incredible feature that enables an emotional connection no matter where you are.

Laser Pointer Interactive Game

If you read our Pawbo review, you’ll be familiar with the laser pointer game. Pawbo and Petcube both have an interactive game to play with your cats and dogs. You can control the laser from your mobile phone, or set it on automatic. We encourage the laser game to be used more with cats rather than dogs, as laser pointers can cause anxiety in dogs.

Petcube for Apple Watch

Yes, the first pet camera compatible with smart watches! While we did not personally review this, since we only used an Adroid phone, we still have to give huge props to Petcube for enabling this functionality. We encourage you to check out more details on Petcube’s compatibility with Apple Watch here.

Tech Specs and Requirements

The Petcube model number is P8988, size is 4 x 4 x 4 inches, and weighs 1.3 pounds. The housing is aluminum and has a non-slip bottom surface. The built-in laser is 5mW 3R class and certified/safe. Petcube’s power is from a 110/240 power adapter (US type plug) and is available for iOS and Android.

Bottom Line

Petcube reviewedTHE GOOD:
  • Really easy to use
  • Setup took minutes
  • Laser game
  • Social Sharing directly from app
  • Small unique design
  • No Treat Dispenser
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  1. You’re definitely right. I love Petcube and I’ve been reading a lot of positive reviews on this pet camera. 🙂

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