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Zmodo Pivot Review: What Can’t This Camera Do?

Zmodo Review

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Zmodo Pivot is as impressive on the inside as it is on the outside. Not only did Zmodo nail the design on their new flagship security camera, but the unique features and solid performance sets a new precedence for home security and pet cameras.

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Full Zmodo Pivot Review

Zmodo recently entered the home security and pet camera market with their latest flagship camera called Pivot. With other products such as smart door lights and smart doorbell, Zmodo is on a mission to protect and smarten your home.

Pivot Design

Zmodo’s Pivot camera is one of our favorite designs to date. They designed a camera that can swivel 360 degrees based on motion detected in the room, and they made the swivel feature a focal point in their product design. The Pivot doesn’t jump out as an apparent camera at first since it resembles various bluetooth speakers on the market today. As a result, it can blend in with your decor relatively easy.

Zmodo Pivot design
Zmodo Pivot has an elegant and practical design which can fit in with your home’s decor.

Pivot Features

The Zmodo Pivot is not only a 360° rotating camera, but also a smart home hub for your other connected products – it even comes with two door/window sensors to alert you when something’s open. Let’s get right into the main features:

Video and Sound Quality

The Pivot has an excellent 1080P HD camera with a 135 degree wide angle lens, 4x digital zoom, and automatic night vision. Now, the impressive part, is that the Pivot swivels 360° when motion is detected to send you a snapshot alert of the whole room. So in essence, the HD camera has a full 360 degree camera view. As for sound, Pivot uses two-way communication so you can both hear and talk to your family or pets no matter where you are. Pivot also serves as a bluetooth speaker – something incredibly innovative and useful. Check out the video below for more details on the Pivot:

Internal and Cloud Storage

Many home security cameras and pet cameras on the market today encourage you to sign up for costly cloud storage plans. Zmodo gives us the option! Pivot has 16GB of internal storage to keep photos and video locally. Since this can be used up quick, there is also a cloud storage program so you can access the photos and video clips from anywhere.

Temperature and Humidity Sensors

This is our first time reviewing a camera with something as unique as this. If you checked out our review of the iFamCare Helmet, you would see that had an air quality sensor. Zmodo’s Pivot actually has temperature and humidity sensors built in to the camera to help keep track of your home’s health. How awesome is this?

Zmodo Pivot Temperature sensor
Zmodo Pivot can actually record the temperature and humidity in your house.

Installation and Setup

Zmodo Pivot setup was relatively straight forward and simple for something with so many features. Connecting Pivot to your other home connected products can add a little complexity. However, Zmodo has a comprehensive support page and team ready to assist if you come across any questions or issues.

Bottom Line

Zmodo knocked it out of the park. With more features than the big name cameras, such as Nest, I can honestly say the Pivot is one of my personal top choices for a home security and pet camera. The video and sound quality is impressive (especially because of the 360 degree swivel), internal storage is always a huge plus, and temperature and humidity sensors help monitor your home and pets while you are away.

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