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Kittyo Review: First Ever Cat Specific Pet Camera

Kittyo Pet Camera Review

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The Kittyo Pet Cam features a pet camera focused specifically for cat owners everywhere. The sleek design, laser pointer, and treat dispenser make it the cat's meow!


The Kittyo pet camera, invented by Lee Miller, started funding on Kickstarter to produce the first ever cat-specific interactive camera and treat dispenser. The camera performed flawlessly during our hands on review and landed a spot on our list of best pet cameras. The only real reason preventing this from being the #1 pet camera is because it is limited to cats.


The Kittyo Pet Cam has a very compact design, being the average size for pet cameras in the market. With a silver and black color scheme, it blends nicely with any type of furniture. The Kittyo also comes with harnessing attachments to keep even the most frisky cats from knocking it off the shelf or table top where you set the camera up. The Kittyo also has an impressive treat dispensing mechanism. With a carousel treat dispenser, the Kittyo allows you to put your cat’s favorite treats into the dispenser. By having the carousel design, you can put multiple types or flavor treats in the dispenser to always keep your cat guessing at what is coming next.

Kittyo Specs
The Kittyo pet camera features a laser pointer, treat dispenser, video camera, and audio speaker.

Impressive Features

The Kittyo provides a clear image of your cat through the camera. It also features sound to draw your cat’s attention to the area in which the Kittyo is placed. The Kittyo has a microphone which allows your cat to hear your voice as you begin to dispense a treat or interact with your cat. The most impressive (and fun!) feature of the Kittyo is the laser pointer. With the feature of a laser pointer you can play to your cat’s instincts of chasing prey around the house. Watch your cat in amazement as he or she is entertained by the elusive red dot. As a cat owner, I would suggest hiding a toy mouse or something similar somewhere close to where you plan on playing with the laser pointer. After a few minutes of laser point play, highlight the laser on the toy mouse and allow your cat to “catch” the prey.

Kittyo laser pointer
The Kittyo laser pointer is perfect for curious cats!

The Kittyo App to run the Kittyo software from your phone is free through the Apple Store or Google Play Store. The App is easy to install and utilize with just a few key buttons to start watching and playing with your cat remotely. The App runs over a WiFi connection. You control all activity directly from your smartphone.

Kittyo app
The Kittyo App is incredibly easy to interact and play with your cats.

Overall, if you are looking for a pet camera that tailors the needs to the feline pet owners out there, the Kittyo is for you. The Kittyo is now available for purchase for $249.00 directly through Kittyo’s website.

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