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Remocam Review: Simple & Smart Connected Hub

Remocam Smart Home Security Camera review

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Remocam reinvented the home security camera. The days of buying a device to solve a single solution are gone. With the advent of smart connected devices, Remocam is on a mission to make your life easier by incorporating live streaming video, two-way voice, and smart home capabilities.

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Full Remocam Review

Without a doubt, Remocam’s most unique and impressive feature is the infrared smart home capability. However this Livermore, California based tech company continued to impress us with Remocam’s overall performance. Take a look below at our Remocam review as we dive into the design, features, and performance of the home security and pet monitoring camera.

Remocam Design

We really like the overall design of the Remocam. The base of the camera is sturdy unlike many other cameras on the market. The base also contains the speaker and microphone on the front and inputs/outputs on the back including power cable and an SD card slot (which is awesome). Moving up the camera, the sphere contains the camera lens itself, infrared LED and sensor, and illumination sensor.

Remocam camera design features
This picture shows each aspect of the Remocam camera.

Remocam Features

Remocam really is more than a security camera or pet cam. It transcends the notion of serving a single purpose; instead, Remocam acts as an all-in-one security and introductory smart home device with features including HD video, two-way communication, infrared hub, and yes, even a siren!

Remocam design
The design overall is very modern and functional.

Video & Sound Quality

Remocam uses a 720p HD live streaming camera with a 335 degree pan and 95 degree tilt. While it may fall below other cameras on the market with 1080p HD, we were very surprised by the video output and the pan/tilt is extraordinary. Even better, Remocam also has infrared night vision, motion detection, and area detection. Sound quality matches others we’ve reviewed and is more than sufficient.

Smart Home Capability

This is where Remocam really beats the competition. Their patent pending technology can connect to your other home devices including TV, media player, and lights. Once synced, you can access and use these devices from within Remocam’s app. We have a dog who gets nervous alone at night, and often leave the TV on for her which calms her nerves of being in a quiet house. With this feature, I can check in on my dog and turn the TV and a light on if I’m running late from work.

Siren Alarm

Beware testing this if you have dogs – they will hate it! However this is an amazing deterrent for burglars if your camera happens to alert you during the intrusion. Again, it’s LOUD.

Local AND Cloud Recording

Here is another huge feature. Relying on only cloud storage can be costly to some people (even though Remocam’s cloud subscription packages are reasonable). Remocam offers cloud storage in addition to an SD card slot on the back of the camera for local storage.

Remocam App

The Remocam app is available for both Android and iOS. We give the app 5 stars, mainly because of the fluent usability when adding connected home products such as your TV.

Remocam App
The Remocam application is available for both Android and iOS

Installation & Setup

Remocam markets their setup process as a “1 minute installation”, and we agree. Setting this camera up was remarkably easy. Syncing your other home products can raise the difficulty a bit for some people, however we did not come across any issues. Fortunately Remocam has a great support team and how-to articles just in case you run into trouble.

Bottom Line

Overall, Remocam is a one-of-a-kind device that serves as a home security and pet camera that also serves as a connected smart hub. The standard camera features perform very well, and the local and cloud storage options are a huge plus.
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