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Planning a Vacation? Don’t forget Fido!

Packing for vacations can be a bit overwhelming; there’s always something you will forget (hopefully not the kids). Often times, we do not consider options for taking care of pets until the last minute. We put together a quick guide with the most common pet care solutions out there to help give you a carefree vacation.

Doggie Daycare and Boarding

The most common way to ensure your pets are cared for while out of town is to sign them up for a sleepover! Dog and cat daycares are available throughout the world and are an excellent way to take care of your pets while also getting both human and dog (or cat) interaction. Even better, many daycare centers use live streaming cameras so you can check in on your pets from anywhere in the world. One of the best tools for finding pet sitting providers is DogVacay, an online service connecting pet owners with over 25,000 loving sitters across the U.S. and Canada.

How DogVacay works
DogVacay helps you find local pet sitters and pet boarding facilities.

Find a Pet Sitter

A cheaper option than daycare may be recruiting a family friend to watch your furry friend while gone. Preferably, this person can take your pet(s) to their house. This allows constant interaction and reduces the chance of depression and anxiety. If you’re leaving your pet at home and simply having someone stop by to feed them and let them outside, we encourage multiple visits.

Impressive new technology from Petzi lets you watch, talk, and even feed your pets from anywhere in the world! So whichever method you use (full time pet sitter or part time), we highly recommend Petzi’s Treat Cam to interact with your pets when you really start to miss them (because we all know it WILL happen).

Petzi Treat Camera
The Petzi Treat Cam lets you connect with your pet from anywhere in the world.

Take Your Pets With You!

This one sounds obvious, but many people skip this option completely as they think most hotels do not allow pets. However there are many websites out there specifically to help you find a great hotel that is also pet friendly:

So pack your clothes, gather the kids and the dog (…and everything else we’re probably forgetting), and head to the beach!

Dog riding in car
Take your buddy with you!

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