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Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder Review: Your Pets’ New Best Friend

Lusmo Auto Pet Feeder

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Lusmo's automatic dog and cat feeder worked flawlessly for our review. Scheduling meals is quick and easy, and the design has multiple colors to choose from. Even better, the price is very affordable. This is our highest recommended entry-level automatic pet feeder.

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Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder Review

Lusmo serves as an automatic dog feeder or automatic cat feeder appropriate for small to medium sizes. Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder can feed your pet up to 3 times a day, on the timings of your choice. Each meal can be programmed individually, giving you more flexibility and customization when it comes to choosing an appropriate diet for your pet. The meal portions can be programmed to serve a minimum of 1/16th of a cup (0.5oz) and a maximum of 1 cup at a time. For example, the feeder can be set to serve a big breakfast and a small dinner. On an average, the dispenser tank can store enough food to last anywhere between 10 and 14 days.

Lusmo’s dispensing system contains a hard piece of plastic which rotates, dispensing food into the dish from the tank. It also features a transparent cover which allows the owner to quickly glance at how much food is left. The cover is tinted, preventing any unnecessary exposure to sun. The auto feeder sits extremely portable at a mere 3.3 pounds as well as lacking any cables or cords. The automatic pet feeder can also be manually triggered to feed at the push of a button, in case you would like to give your pet a mid-day snack. The dispenser can only take in small to medium sized kibble. The pet feeder comes in yellow, orange, or red.

Lusmo Colors
Lusmo’s automatic feeder comes in three colors.

Simple and accessible LCD panel for programming

Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder has only three buttons which are used to operate, allowing anyone to easily program meals and their timings for the pets. The large and clear LCD display allows the owner to easily and quickly check the feeder’s settings. The display is conveniently located on the top of the unit, which makes it simpler to program since it was easily accessible and does not require squatting too deep.

Excellent portion control

The unit features portion control in increments of 1/16th of a cup (0.5oz), from a minimum of 1/16th of a cup to 1 full cup (8oz). This makes it appropriate for small to medium sized dogs and cats. This level of portion control allows you to control your pet’s daily amount of intake automatically, keeping them on a controlled diet. If you need to program less than three meals, you can program a 0g meal for that particular time, effectively setting it as no-meal.

Lusmo's LCD Display
Lusmo’s LCD display is very easy to use.

Automatic, repeated scheduling

The feeder can be programmed to serve your pet a meal 3 times a day. This schedule is automatically repeated every day, requiring no reprogramming. However, the same schedule has to be repeated each day since the feeder provides no option for setting meals depending upon the day of the week. The option to feed your pet manually is also available at the push of a button.

Lusmo side shot
Lusmo’s cover is well protected to prevent pets from accessing all of the food in storage.

Food dispenser tank is large and well protected

The feeder has a tank with a capacity of 91oz (1000g) which can last anywhere between 10 and 14 days, relieving you from the daily chore of filling the tank. The tank is detachable and easily re-attachable, making it easy to wash and maintain during prolonged usage. However, the tank is not dishwasher friendly.

The top cover is transparent, allowing you to take a peek and see the amount of food available without having to open the tank. It is tinted, protecting the food from unnecessary exposure to sunlight.
The cover is lockable and well protected, securing the food from being stolen by your pet while still allowing easy accessibility for cleaning and refilling.

Powered by battery

The feeder is completely cord free, lacking any wall adapter. The unit relies on 4 D-sized batteries for operation, lasting about six months. The large LCD panel will indicate when the batteries are low and should be replaced. The conveniently placed On-Off allows you to quickly turn the unit on or off if you need to. The unit will retain the programming, allowing it to be used immediately after powering on.


  • Excellent design and portability
  • Meal time can be customized for three meals in a day
  • Each meal can have its own portion
  • Protective guard prevents pets from stealing food
  • LCD panel on top provided vital information and is easy to access


  • The unit is limited to dispense only three meals a day, it cannot be made to dispense more or less meals.
  • Some types of kibble can cause problems
  • Lusmo is not dishwasher safe
  • It only works on batteries and has no wall plug

Final Thoughts

Lusmo is an excellent automatic pet feeder with a great amount of features as well as excellent portability. There are a few precautions which should be taken with the feeder. It must not be placed in an area which is prone to having water, such as bathroom or kitchen. The food should be measured accurately to ensure the feeder is dispensing the correct amount, since its accuracy depends largely upon the kibble size and shape.

Lusmo is limited to scheduling three meals a day and every day must follow the same program, giving it a lack of flexibility for scheduling meals for your pet. However, it features an effective protective mechanism for protecting food from your cats and dogs. The lockable cover has a “mischief guard” which prevents your pet from getting an extra meal or two when you don’t want them to. Overall, Lusmo is an excellent product that ranks among our best automatic pet feeder list and will satisfy most cats, dogs, and their owners’ needs.

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