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Interview with Petzila’s CEO: Petzi Treat Cam and the Connected Pet Market

We recently had the opportunity to chat with Petzila’s CEO, David P. Clark, regarding the Petzi Treat Cam and the overall connected pet market. Last year, we got our hands on their flagship product, Petzi Treat Cam, and put it to the test – check out our full Petzi Treat Cam review to see it in action. Petzila set the standard for interactive pet cameras with their revolutionary IndieGoGo-funded product and remain a leader in this industry. Take a look at the full interview below:

David Clark Interview

David P ClarkCan we hear a little background on Petzi?
David: The two co-founders uniquely shared a private elevator that opened directly into their apartments. Both often laughed about the Pavlovian effect the elevator bell had on their furry little loved ones who would run for the elevator door every time they heard it without fail.

What was the vision?
David: Originally, ‘The Internet of Pets’ (a precursor to today’s ‘IoT’) — getting your pets on the net — to make a happier world, one pet at a time.

What are some of the most notable features of the Petzi Treat Cam?
David: High quality video, audio; universal treats, universal mounting; positioning of camera and treat launcher to create an immersive, highly-interactive video-chat experience.

Are there any new features or products in the works we can look forward to?
David: There are many more features in the works, but, sorry, we can’t reveal the specifics. There are unlocked features in the hardware that will be revealed through software upgrades as value-added benefits for the pet and owner.

There are a few main players in the pet camera market including Petcube, Petchatz, and most recently, Pawbo. What are your views on the current market including competition and the increasing customer demand?
David: The market is healthy with a good choice of products emerging for pet lovers. While some of our competition appear to be dog- or cat-centric, we are all things pet. Our design goal is to seamlessly integrate into you and your pets lifestyles, so we offer myriad treat types options and placement options of the Petzi Treat Cam in your home. We launched, and remain on, feature parity on both iOS and Android smart devices. The market is still early and in the demand generation phase, so it will be the Pet Tech provider with the best team that out-smarts, out-executes, and out-cares the rest of the pack that wins.

Where do you see the connected pet market in the next 5 years?
David: It’s up to us, the Pet-Tech ambassadors, to make beautiful products that seamlessly fit into you and your pets’ lives. Machine learning in the cloud will revolutionize the pet industry and your relationship with your pet.


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