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Butterfleye Review: An Even Smarter Smart Camera

Butterfleye Camera

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  • Design
  • Features
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The Butterfleye Camera launched on Indiegogo raising over $604K and is currently taking pre-orders on their website. This article will provide a pre-review of the camera as well as the main features compared to other pet cameras on the market.


Butterfleye Camera Review

The Butterfleye Camera is currently taking pre-orders from their website for summer 2016. As soon as we get our hands on a Butterfleye, we will update this article to include a full detailed review. For now, here are the main features of the Butterfleye Camera.

  • Raised $604,451 on Indiegogo
  • Avoids false notifications and highlights just during active minutes
  • Runs on the Butterfleye App
  • Can take photos and shorter video clips from the live mode

Design and Unboxing

Butterfleye is a compact, clean-cut camera approximately, 3.7 x 3 x 1.5 inches. The camera is designed to be placed on a flat surface, such as a shelf, but can also be mounted through magnetic docking, similar to the Arlo Smart Camera. The top of the camera has a button which turns green when motion is detected and a notification is sent to your smartphone. The front of the camera includes the lens, microphone, and speaker. No cords are needed with this camera as it has a rechargeable battery power source. The battery last approximately 2 weeks of recording, however, when in a resting period, the technology switches the camera to lower power – saving battery power giving it the ability to last for weeks between charges.

Butterfleye design
Butterfleye’s beautiful design matches its functionality.

Video and Sound Quality:

Butterfleye has 1080p HD recording and live-streaming capabilities. Butterfleye lacks the ability to record motion during the night as it does not have LED night vision. Butterfleye has two-way audio that allows you to speak directly to your pet or family through the camera as well as hear them in the recording. The camera will also record noise if it is coming from somewhere not directly in front of the camera. The Butterfleye has a very unique capability to distinguish between pet and human detection as well as face detection through active sensing. Butterfleye does not record motion detection due to wind or change in light, which is an impressive feature compared to many other pet cameras. For instance, during our Arlo Smart Camera review, light changes (such as the sun coming out from behind the clouds) will trigger the motion detection, while Butterfleye will not. Butterfleye does this through activity based recording, or ABR, which saves you time and money by only recording when something actually happens, such as your dog chewing up the couch. You see a few clips from the moments when motion was detected and don’t have to piece through hours of no action footage.

Butterfleye smartphone app
Butterfleye’s 1080p HD quality outperforms many other pet cameras on the market.

Impressive Features:

  • Activity Based Recording capabilities
  • Cordless Camera with battery power
  • Connects to Smart Devices with Bluetooth Capabilities
  • Records without WiFi – Butterfleye will act as its own hot spot without internet connection
  • Free Cloud Storage (12 hours of storage built-in for those without WiFI)
  • Video as a Sensor (on-board sensors, video analytics, and processing power to deliver notifications you want)
  • Stream and Record Wirelessly
Butterfleye features
This shows the basic features of the camera.

Release Date

  • Preorder now, shipping summer 2016
  • Starting at $199 with pre-order, $249 without – listed on Amazon Prime
  • Limited Warranty

Final Thoughts

Butterfleye provides a new way of monitoring your pet remotely. Through the enhanced technology capabilities of activity based recording, this camera will provide solutions for those who only want highlights of the activity of their pets throughout the day. The cordless capabilities of the camera make it very versatile in terms of finding a place for it in your home. The added ability to take the camera with you anywhere, including on vacation if you are bringing your pet, also makes it very desirable. The ability to record even when WiFi is unavailable is also beneficial. This camera is sure to please many pet owners – we can’t wait to try it out!


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