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Best Dog Collar Camera for 2016


One of the interesting new products for 2016 is a pet camera for your dog or cat. These pet cams actually attach to your pet, either on the collar or on a harness, so you can see what your dog sees! We’ll be reviewing the best dog collar cameras to make your decision a little easier. Be sure to check out our list of best pet cams if you’re looking for a household-monitoring camera instead of a collar camera.

GoPro Fetch Dog Harness

The GoPro Fetch harness is easily our favorite product for a dogs-eye view camera. GoPros have such impressive video quality and, most importantly, can stand up to strenuous activity. In other words, the camera will survive as your dog is digging in the dirt or jumping in the lake. The GoPro Fetch harness is only an attachment for the GoPro camera – so you will need to pick out a GoPro as well (unless you already own one). We will also go through the available GoPro camera options for your dog.

GoPro Fetch Review

The GoPro harness rocks two camera mounts, so you can decide between placing it on their back or chest (or both!).

GoPro Fetch shown on dog's chest from dog point of view
GoPro Fetch on dog’s chest
GoPro Fetch shown on dog's back
GoPro Fetch on dog’s back

GoPro Fetch Sizes: Will it Fit my Dog?

Answer: Yes (most likely). The harness is fully adjustable from 10 – 120 lbs so it is able to fit most dogs. The chest mount can also be removed to better fit smaller dogs.

Overall Thoughts on the Fetch

If you own a GoPro or want to purchase a dog collar camera, the GoPro + Fetch harness is our number one pick. The durability really holds up during your dogs activity levels and can easily be cleaned (machine washable). If you’re interested in the Fetch harness, be sure to continue reading to see which GoPro is right for you and your dog.

GoPro for Dogs

If you’re thinking the GoPro Fetch is the best idea for you and your dog, you’ll want to take a look at our GoPro comparison chart below. We ranked the GoPros according to their specs, features, and price. Click each camera to see the current lowest price on Amazon. If you’re only using it recreationally and only for your dog, you can probably get away with using the cheapest model: the GoPro Hero. However if you plan on creating high quality video and really want the additional features (such as time lapse video), you will want to consider the GoPro Hero4 Black.

PriceView Lowest PriceView Lowest PriceView Lowest PriceView Lowest PriceView Lowest Price
CategoryPerformancePerformanceEntry LevelEntry LevelEntry Level
WiFi + BluetoothYesYesYesYes-
Time-Lapse VideoYes----

DogTek Eyenimal shown on a dog's collar

Dogtek Eyenimal Video Camera

If you’re looking for something cheaper, the Dogtek Eyenimal is the next best choice. Because the size is much smaller than the GoPro, you can also use this on cats. The Dogtek Eyenimal clips directly on to your pets current collar and includes 4gigs of built in memory for recording. Since the price is so much cheaper, you will see a decrease in video quality; 600×400 resolution with 29 frames per second. Once the you’re ready to view the footage to see what your pet was up to while you were gone, you can simply plug it into your computer via USB.

Final Thoughts on the Dogtek Eyenimal

For the price, this pet cam collar does its job. You can see what your dog or cat is getting into while you’re gone and see things from their point of view. However, if your primary objective is to see what they’re doing while you’re out of the house, I would recommend buying an indoor pet cam as the quality and playback is much better.

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