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Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder Review: Low Cost Meets Great Performance

Are Pets automatic pet feeder review

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One of the most affordable automatic pet feeders on the market; however, no smartphone controls. Great entry-level automatic pet feeder for added peace of mind.

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The Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder entered the market at an incredibly competitive price, much lower than many other automatic pet feeders we reviewed. The Arf Pets feeder is a great option when cost is of concern, especially since the product performs very well. The device itself is made of plastic and is relatively light; however, during our review and analysis, this did not result in lower performance. Check out our full Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder review below to get a better understanding of the design, features, and performance of the feeder.

Are Pets display
The backlit display is easy to see and operating the feeder is very easy thanks to the simple interface.


The Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder has a nice modern design; made out of ABS plastic, the pet feeder weighs approximately 4 and a half pounds. The magnetic lock lid helps to keep food fresh and to keep your pets from accessing the storage of food. You may need to get creative if you have a large dog that tends to break into their food storage, since this product is relatively light-weight. The blue LED display panel and control buttons are on the top of the device, making it easy to re-program and adjust settings.

Arf Pets container lid
The container lid helps keep food fresh and keep your pets out of the storage.

The feeder can hold 1.14 gallons of dry food, which is an adequate supply. This obviously depends on how many pets you are feeding at a time and how large they are. Once it’s feeding time, the food storage dispenses a predetermined amount of food into the tray at the bottom of the feeder. In addition, this automatic pet feeder comes with both a power adapter and battery powered, which is very helpful in the event of a power outage.
Arf Pets feeder power and batteries
The Arf Pets automatic pet feeder power supply and batteries provides two power options.


For such a low-cost product, we didn’t expect any unique features. However, we were wrong! Arf Pets pet feeder rocks an innovative voice recorded dispensing alarm to let your dog or cat know when it’s time to eat.

Portion Control

Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder allows you to schedule up to 4 feedings per day. The multiple feedings throughout the day is ideal for aiding your cats’ or dogs’ digestive system and diet. One large meal per day can result in stomach cramping and bloat which can be deadly for dogs. Two feedings per day, at a minimum, will help to reduce this effect.

In addition to the frequency of feedings, you can also set the portion control by simply picking which size is most ideal for your pet. With the combination of frequency and portion sizes, you can have complete control over your pets’ feeding and diet management.

Dispensing Alarms or Voice Recording

An indicator will alarm when the food is being dispensed to give your pets a heads up that food is ready. You can even record a personal “meal call” up to 10 seconds in length. Upon first hearing of this feature, it sounded a little odd. However our dog is particularly weary of loud noises and beeps from electronic devices. As a result, this was a phenomenal feature for us, as our dog can now hear our voice say “food time!” instead of weird robot noises.

Arf Pets voice recording
In addition to the dispensing alarm, you can also record your own voice.


Setting up the Arf Pets feeder was a breeze and the performance thus far has been great. We did have food jam one time but we were using larger treats (not kibble) just to test. As for regular food, our tests did not jam and our recorded voice announced when it was time to eat. This automatic pet feeder does lack smartphone compatibility, so if this is a feature you’re looking for you may need to look for alternative pet feeders, such as the Petnet Smart Feeder. However if app-controlled feeding is not necessary to your lifestyle and would like a more wallet-friendly automatic feeder, then the Arf Pets device may be your go-to.

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