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ANMER A25 Review: Budget Friendly Auto Pet Feeder

ANMER A25 Automatic Pet Feeder review

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This is perhaps the cheapest automatic pet feeder out there. Great features for the cost; however, lacking internet connectivity to enable full “automation”.

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The ANMER A25 is the newest entrant in the automatic pet feeder market, and we got our hands on one to review! If you’re not looking for a ton of bells and whistles, such as app-controlled food dispensing and automatic feeders with built-in cameras, the ANMER A25 automatic pet feeder may be a prominent option. ANMER is by far the lowest cost of any automatic pet feeder we reviewed to date, even lower than the Arf Pets feeder we recently reviewed. While the pet feeder is very cheap to purchase, it doesn’t necessarily lack in features. Let’s take a look at each of them and see how ANMER A25 stacks up to our list of best automatic pet feeders.


The design of the ANMER A25 is a bit… robotic. I mean look at the picture below – lasers and everything! Ok so it’s not exactly lasers, don’t worry, your pets will be fine. The red area indicated in the photo actually represents built-in infrared detection to prevent food from getting stuck. This feature is located inside of the food dispenser.

ANMER infrared detection
ANMER uses infrared detection to help prevent food jams.

The display/control panel is located on the front of the device. We personally prefer the displays to be located on top since the device is typically located on the floor. The controls are also a bit confusing, especially upon first glance. However the user manual is your friend in this case; after reading the manual, setting up and using the feeder was not a problem at all.
ANMER display panel
The controls are a bit confusing at first.

The ANMER A25 requires (x4) D batteries and cannot be used with a power supply. Fortunately, if you prefer to use power supplies and not rely on battery power, the ANMER A26 comes with dual power options – power supply and batteries.

Overall, we feel the design is rather unique and fits the product well. The futuristic/robotic aesthetics fits the “automatic” pet feeder category. However the control panel could use some design improvements, including a better backlit display.


Like we mentioned earlier, we were very surprised by the number of features this automatic pet feeder had for how cheap the product is, including the infrared detection and unique conveyor belt dispensing system. Let’s dive into a few other main features.

Portion Control

ANMER A25 can schedule up to 6 meals per day, ranging from 1/8 cup to 4 cups of dry dog or cat food. It’s recommended that the kibble you plan on using isn’t larger than 1cm x 1cm to prevent the feeder from getting blocked. With the amount of food that the ANMER can store, you can use this pet feeder with small, medium, or large sized dogs and cats. Obviously, if you have a large dog, you may have to refill the feeder much more frequently. Even so, this fully programmable pet feeder helps to create a consistent feeding routine which helps manage your pets’ diet and nutrition while also preventing overeating.

ANMER food dispenser
Cat eating from one of the timed meals. ANMER can schedule 6 feedings per day.

Voice Recorder and Speaker

ANMER A25 includes the ability to record your voice for up to 12 seconds in length. This recording is then played out of the speaker just before each scheduled feeding. This provides a warm and more recognizable alert to let your pets know it’s time to eat.

Performance and Final Thoughts

Overall, the ANMER A25 automatic pet feeder is great for the price. We didn’t get any blockage or jams during our test while using basic kibble. The control panel is a bit confusing, but reading the manual helped clear things up. We’re not exactly sure if the infrared detection actually helped to reduce jams, however, we did not encounter a jam so we’re considering it a win!

If you’re looking for a basic, entry-level automatic pet feeder without an internet connection or overly large food storage, the ANMER A25 is a great option.

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